A motor vehicle accident is a common occurrence on our roads. You may have seen one on your way to work, or driving home from the grocery store. Injuries that can be sustained as a direct result of a car accident may range from whiplash, bruises and broken bones to psychological trauma. Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents are not always immediately apparent. Many accident victims require medical rehabilitation that can be both lengthy and costly. A car accident can have a tremendous impact by combining a loss of wages, rehabilitation and other costs. These expenses can quickly add up and overwhelm both a car accident victim and their family, financially and emotionally.

Car accident victims are entitled to accident benefits including medical rehabilitation benefits, income replacement benefits, attendant care and the non-earner benefit. Optional coverage, if purchased, can create eligibility for caregiving and housekeeping benefits as well. In the event that injuries sustained as a result of a car accident are deemed catastrophic, substantially higher coverage becomes available. If you were involved in a car accident, it may seem as if you have many benefits available to you. In reality, however, insurance companies will typically do everything in their power to limit or even deny your entitlement and access to these benefits.

Accident victims that are not at fault for the accident may be entitled to file a Tort claim in order to obtain compensation from the at fault party. Compensation for pain and suffering, future medical care, and loss of income are just some of the rewards that can be claimed. The law pertaining to motor vehicle accident is complex and has provisions that try to restrict compensation for accident victims. Our professional legal team at BAPC Law knows the complexities of the legal system and has the experience, knowledge and resources required to obtain the maximum benefits and compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of the case for our clients.

Auto insurance companies are notorious for withholding payments and delaying the claim process, leaving both victims and their families helpless and unsure how to go on. The applicable legislation has undergone changes that made the claim process even more confusing and costly for injury victims. Insurance company representatives are tasked with keeping claim-related costs to a minimum, and do not have the interests of the client in mind. In some cases, tort adjusters may try to convince the victim to accept a significantly smaller settlement than they are entitled to. Hiring a personal injury lawyer protects your rights and puts someone in your corner who will level the playing field when it comes to dealing with the insurance company.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries. No matter whether the other driver was uninsured or fled the scene, our professional legal team has represented thousands of injury victims from all over the province. We have the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to obtain the maximum amount of compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of the case that you deserve.

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