Riding a motorcycle is an increasingly popular hobby and pastime, with thousands of Ontario residents licensed to operate motorcycles. Unfortunately, due to the inherent risks associated with riding, motorcycle accidents are very common.

Motorcycle accidents can have various causes, including improper road maintenance, negligence on part of other drivers and many others. We have noticed that there is a negative stigma attached to being a motorcycle rider, and many people in the community label riders as "psychos" and "stuntmen." Over the course of our practice however, we have discovered that the rider is, in fact, not at fault in the majority of accidents that involve motorcycles.

Due to the lack of protection offered in comparison to cars and trucks, motorcycle riders are at a much higher risk of serious injury such as fractures, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and even death. Injuries that can happen as a result of a motorcycle accident almost always require extensive medical care and lengthy rehabilitation with future medical expenses and other associated costs requiring financial compensation in order to be attainable for the injury victim. In addition, a wrongful death claim may be pursued in the event of a fatality.

The losses stemming from severe motorcycle injuries can leave victims with long term and sometimes permanent impairment. Further, there are often serious financial implications for both victims and their families. BAPC Law has been fighting for the rights of motorcycle riders for over 25 years. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for injured riders from all over Ontario.

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, contact BAPC Law for a free, no obligation consultation. We will ensure that justice is served and that you receive all of the benefits and compensation that you deserve. Our experience, knowledge, and dedication are what have made us of the province's highest recommended personal injury law firms. Contact BAPC Law today and put the winning team in your corner.