Car accidents involving pedestrians may lead to severe injuries. These accidents may be attributable to a variety of factors, including poor road conditions, weather, and driver negligence.

Due to the nature of pedestrian accidents, victims can be left with injuries ranging from cuts, bruises, and soft tissue damage to fractures as well as spinal cord and brain injuries. Extensive medical treatment and lengthy rehabilitation is often required to return pedestrian accident victims' health to pre-accident state. Mounting medical bills, loss of wages, and other expenses can quickly add up and overwhelm victims and their families, causing financial and emotional hardship. In some cases, the expenses that result from being hit by a car quickly become unmanageable.

The law that governs pedestrian accidents is the same law governing motor vehicle accidents, with the exception of one major difference: in pedestrian accidents, it is the at-fault party's responsibility to prove their innocence which is called a reverse onus. This requirement benefits the pedestrian, as it is more likely to get higher compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident.

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