BAPC - Personal Injury Lawyer

Taking the Complexity Out of Your Injury Claim

Our Professional teams of lawyers, paralegals, and clerks have been helping victims of personal injury. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

We are knowledgeable in personal injury and that is all that we do, which means that we can focus all of our resources on our clients' cases. Our team of lawyers at BAPC Law have more than 100 years of combined trial experience, and they will not be intimidated by an opposing legal team nor back away from a trial. Our team of lawyers focuses on injuries resulting from Motor Vehicle Accidents, Public Transportation Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Product Liability, Dog Bites and Long Term Disability Claims. Also, our professional legal team has experience handling cases involving spinal cord and brain injuries, orthopaedic injuries, chronic pain, and injuries of psychological nature.

Personal injury victims are sometimes unsure of their rights. In some cases, their injuries may even prevent them from going to speak to a lawyer. We offer both home and hospital visits as part of our standard practice procedure, which ensures that our clients' rights are immediately protected. If you have been injured, it is important to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible and avoid speaking to insurance representatives prior to obtaining this legal consultation.

The law limits your time available to act. If you or a loved one have been injured, call BAPC Law now for a free, no-obligation consultation and put our legal professionals in your corner. We will ensure that you get all of the benefits to which you are entitled, and that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.